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Meal Planning 101

As a mom to two little girls, I get asked a lot of questions. Why can’t I wear my bathing suit in January? Why is Elle a dog and Pepper a cat? Why do the chickens eat grass? Why do we live here and our neighbors live there? I’m exasperated by all the questions by the time dinner rolls around, so when I get the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” I usually just answer “FOOD!”

Pre-planning meals seemed like so much work. I didn’t know where to start or what to buy. I thought that it would take hours each week to plan our meals and I really didn’t have hours to spend. So I looked at a bunch of different sites about meal planning but nothing really matched what our family eats. We didn’t eat a lot of pasta, and most everything we ate was home made, not prepackaged. I could alter the meal plans to our family’s needs, but then what would be the point of following someone else’s meal plan if I was going to change it all around anyway.

So one day I had had enough of spending too much money on food and too much time looking in the fridge wondering what in the world am I going to feed these monkeys. I decided to come up with my own meal plans based on exactly what we ate. I didn’t care if it took hours and hours because I was already spending a lot of time each night trying to piece together meals based on what was in the house. But I honestly had no idea where to start.


If you are in the same boat as I was, follow along with me as I show you how to set up an easy and affordable meal plan that fits your family’s specific needs.

First Things First

Seconds Please

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