I’m a mom of two little girls, both very different in looks, personality, and food preferences. I’m also the wife of a guy who likes to eat healthy food with bold flavors. We have two big dogs, two cats, and too many chickens to count. We all live together in the mountains of California.

After having a kid, buying a house, and quitting my job, we decided that we should look at our finances and see where exactly all our money went each month. A HUGE portion went to groceries – too much was going to groceries for two adults and one very picky baby. I went grocery shopping with no plan in mind and bought anything and everything that sounded good. Some food was healthy, but most were just convenience foods. And, unfortunately, too much of it ended up in the garbage.

Meal planning seemed like such a daunting task, but I knew that was the number one way to save money on groceries each month. I googled meal plans, and was directed to a bunch of different pay services, but none actually seemed to offer recipes that my family would eat. So I set out to create my own meal plans, plans that would work for us but wouldn’t be too difficult to follow and could be easily adaptable depending on the season and what was happening in our lives.

I created this blog to give other moms the tools that I used to help our family get our finances and our eating back on track.